Friday, November 7, 2008

AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver

If you need AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver, you can download it at the bottom of this post.
I guess you need the driver for the following reason.

Well, lately a lot of people complaining about the problem arose when they tried to install Windows XP to their brand new laptops. Usually they got the blue screen error message saying that their hard disk was not found. I guess this is the result of the fact that the new laptops nowadays use new hard disk with new controller which driver haven't been incorporated into even the latest Windows XP installation package.

Make sure your laptop is AMD based, meaning it's using AMD processor. If your laptop using AMD processor then most probably the SATA AHCI Controller driver shared here will work. I advise you to download the latest version, because usually, the latest version will always have backward compatibility.

You may wonder, how to install it? Well, I suggest that you incorporate the driver into your Windows XP installation CD by using software such as nLite. In other words, you need to have the ISO of your current Windows XP installation CD, the AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver, and you merge both into another CD using nLite. Hopefully you understand my explanation.

Please download using the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks allot for the SATA driver mate :)

Anonymous said...


Hafizzul said...

Since I've been receiving some complaints regarding the download problem with Rapidshare host, I will slowly be providing the mirror download site, priority given to the posts with the complaints, then the post that have most downloaded drivers, then others.

For this post, I've provided the mirror site.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to make this work without reinstalling XP? I managed to install and set up XP by switching SATA to IDE and I would much fix it without having to reinstall.

CrowOnes! said...

Thanks dude for the SATA driver

anpz said...

how to install xp in compaq presario cq45-112au

Rahul Mishra said...

your explanation is wired and very much confusing to a novice like me. but yeah thanks for the driver. A brief explanation is given here on

Sorry, if I am rude but actualy I am frustrated with this issue of installing XP SP2 for my laptop. Sorry.

XL-DJK said...

Your awesome man. Thanks for the drivers, i really appreciate you going out of your way to do something like this. unlike others who feel the need to be IGNORANT at YOU because they're too STUPID to know how to use rapidshare. If you suffer from an ID10T error then maybe you should find the 'ANY' key and press to continue

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for you kind help!
i searched for hours trying to get the amd drivers for my sons new dual core laptop. it had windows 7 64 installed, but he needed xp for technical special software.

kindest regards and best whishes from germany.